The Luck of the Ghoulish



No one ever touches the weird girl!! Ever……..but here I was being rubbed for luck, hugged, and even patted on the back. When did I join the human race?


Well, apparently it happened on July 11th, 2017, the day I won $1000 a week for life. Here’s the story published in The Hamilton Spectator : Stars Align for Hamilton lottery winner


That lucky lottery ticket was not only a gift from the Universe, but also a VIP pass into a bizarre, unknown and maybe even privileged world I had yet to meet.


All anguish and worry I first held about people finding out was quickly forgotten after receiving message after message with kind words and praises from people who were close, family and even some acquaintances  that I hardly knew. I even had a couple of congratulatory Facebook posts from a couple of my music heroes.


The only way to explain the elation I felt was to say it was looking down at my own funeral and hearing the lovely eulogies and heartfelt odes. Even now, I wonder if this was the true gift to me…..Can we be honest? I have suffered from depression for most of my life and sometimes my thoughts are very dark. This was the first time, without calling for help that I knew, in my heart, how much people cared. Sure, I’m positive there are some people rolling in their grave cursing me, cemetery dirt encrusted on their rotten teeth. Well those who think I’m undeserving should really be having a party right now with my inner voices. But thankfully the majority of what I heard was sweet, warmhearted and loving. For that, I am most grateful!


I quickly realized is that not only were the people in my circle kind, they were also curious. I started this blog to talk about my experience winning cash for life, as well as to keep a journal of the adventures to follow.



Much luck and love to you and yours.






  1. First and foremost, you deserve all of the happiness in the world. You are truly a ghoultastic person and have touched so many people positively. Me included. I hope you get to get on all of the adventures you have dreamed of.

    Second. How did I only discover this blog now! Please excuse me while I go read all of it!


    Liked by 2 people

    1. You found my secret blog..hahah…well not that secret, but just starting to officially record everything.

      Thank you so much for the kind words.


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